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PO Box 852
Lake Orion, MI 48361

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Services include:

  • Witness Locates/Interviews:

    Locating of lost witnesses, and skips as well as field canvassing to uncover unknown witnesses to an incident.
  • Background Checks:

    Determine criminal, litigation, P.P.Os, address, licensing complaint histories on opposing parties, expert witnesses.
  •  Asset Investigations:

    Real, personal property, Business affiliation, Bank account searches to assist in pre-litigation and collection of unpaid judgments and fees.
  •  Surveillance:

    Stationary and rolling surveillance of claimants, debtors, spouses, opposing litigants, employee theft, counterfeit products.
  • Criminal Defense:

    Scene photos, video, measurements, complainant backgrounds, witness interviews.
  • Divorce/Child Custody:

    Documentation of drug abuse, child neglect, infidelity, cohabitation.
  • Records Searches:

    Including SS# trace, address histories, VIN search, tag search, driving records.
  • Process Service:

    Complaints, Subpoenas, P.P.Os served, document filing available.

    If a service you require is not listed, please feel free to call or email; if we don't offer it, we can refer an expert in the field.